Why Me? Good Question. Find Out Why You Should You Work With Me... And Why I Would Love to Work with You

Why me? If you're wondering why you should work with me, in addition to my writing and maintenance experience in various Technology Industries, I bring four other critical skills to the table to help ensure your project’s success.

More than 20 Years' Experience Working with High-Tech

My background is in database development, having worked with a variety of desktop DBs, as well as SQL Server and Oracle. I’ve also handled project management and tech writer responsibilities. As an analyst, I’ve worked with end users to gather and refine requirements. I understand the software life cycle. I've also been trained in electronics and avionics maintenance. All of this means I can hit the ground running, which means I’ll get your project out the door with speed and efficiency.

I Have a Curious Mind

Maybe it’s because my mom was a teacher. But when it comes to learning and education, I simply can’t get enough. Especially when it comes to the geekier side of education. I love reading about space exploration, computers, aviation, drones, and anything Internet-related.

Speaking of drones, I'm currently enrolled in online classes through the UAV Ground School to become an FAA Certified Commercial Remote Pilot.

So as a partial answer to your "why me" question, all of this comes together to make me an excellent researcher, a curious-minded kind of guy, who will provide the kind of research your project requires to be a success.

B.A. in English - Emphasis on Creative Writing

Does this guarantee I’m going to write the greatest copy you’ve ever seen? It’d be great if it did. Right? But, no…. Your big "why me" take-away, however, should be that I know my way around the English language. I’m also well-acquainted with various report and story formats. Do I know the rules of English? Sure… but more importantly, I know when and how to break those rules to give you the kind of persuasive writing your project needs.

Finally, I'm a Pleasure to Work With - That's Why Me

I must confess, I love the freelancing life. I really enjoy working on my own. But I’m a team player, too. And I promise I will always treat you and your team with the utmost courtesy and respect. You should also know (or perhaps be forewarned) that I have a great sense of humor.

Have I answered all of your "why me" questions?

If you need more proof as to why you should work with me, check out my testimonials.

Or, if you're ready to get started, you can call me at +1(614) 695-3770, or you can email me at gary@garybuchercopywriting.com.