I Provide Copywriting Services in the B2B Sector for Software and Technology Companies.

Gary from garybuchercopywriting.com

Great copywriting that attracts leads the way a magnet attracts metal can be difficult for Software and Technology companies to find. And once you have that kind of a lead, you need the right kind of copywriting services to nurture that lead and build a relationship based on trust.

As a Software or Technology Industry professional, you‘ve probably struggled to find the right copywriter, one who can absorb complex technical material and explain it to your customers. Finding a writer who's capable of fully understanding the complexities of your product or service can be a challenge… Right?

Well, even harder is finding a writer whose copywriting skills can translate those complexities into a rich array of persuasive benefits. And those benefits are what will attract new prospects, drive them to engage with you, and once a trusting relationship has been established, purchase your product or service.

That’s where I can help. My name is Gary Bucher, and I help Software and Technology Industry Professionals, like yourself, write marketing copy and create web content and emails that help you establish new customer relationships while strengthening existing ones.

I Provide Copywriting Based on My Software and Technology Experience

Unlike other copywriters, I have more than 20 years’ experience in Software and Technology. I’ve worked as a USAF Avionics System Components Repair Specialist on the F-111 Bomber.

I’ve worked as a Microsoft Access Database Developer, but I’ve also worked with Paradox, DB4, FileMaker, and SQL Server.

While I was with LexisNexis, I was a Sr. Reports Analyst, but also worked as a Data Analyst, Project Manager for a variety of software projects, and Technical Writer.

As a Contracting Officer for the Defense Logistics Agency, I've also provided support to Aviation Maintenance Groups in the Defense community through Spares Acquisition and Logistics Support.

Other qualifications include a B.A. in English with a focus on creative writing from the University of Utah. I’ve also received extensive copywriting training from the professionals at American Writers and Artists, Inc. Although I’ve already received a powerful writing education, my training with AWAI is ongoing. I firmly believe, no matter your field, it’s impossible to get too much training.

All of the above can only mean one thing. I can get up to speed quickly and write persuasively about your projects.

Learn more about how I can help you. Or you can contact me to discuss your next project. I'm pretty easy to reach.

Call me at +1(614) 695-3770, or email me at gary@garybuchercopywriting.com.